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Water Pressure Issues in Culver City

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Culver City Plumber – Boss Plumbing is centrally located near The area of present day Culver City which was the homeland of the Tongva-Gabrieliño Native Americans, who held a presence in the region for over 8,000 years.


The city was founded primarily on the lands of the former Rancho La Ballona, Rancho Rincon de los Bueyes, and Rancho La Cienega o Paso de la Tijera.


Camp Latham. From 1861 to 1862, during the American Civil War, Camp Latham was established by the 1st California Infantry under Col. James H. Carleton and the 1st California Cavalry under Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Davis. Camp Latham was named for California Senator Milton S. Latham and was the first staging area for the training of Union troops and their operations in Southern California. It was located on land of the Rancho La Ballona, on the South side of Ballona Creek, near what is now the intersection of Jefferson and Overland Boulevards.  The post was later moved to Camp Drum later the Drum Barracks. Boss Plumbing in Culver City is creative in finding solutions to even the most difficult of plumbing problems.




Boss Plumbing in Culver City serves the general public in and around Culver City, to areas including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Harry Culver‘s first attempt to establish Culver City was in 1913, and the city was incorporated on September 20, 1917. (His first ads read “All roads lead to Culver City” indicating a main transportation route via the city. The first film studio in Culver City was built by Thomas Ince in 1918. In the 1920s, silent film comedy producer Hal Roach and Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) built studios there. During Prohibition, speakeasies and nightclubs such as the Cotton Club lined Washington Boulevard. Boss Plumbing in Culver City also has several different locations, including offices in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.




The Culver City Plumber, Boss Plumbing, was first opened in Los Angeles during the Summer of 1989.  Culver Center, one of Southern California’s first shopping malls, was completed in 1950 as a post World War II-project. Situated on Venice Boulevard near the Overland Avenue intersection, it featured many retail stores, a supermarket, J. C. Penney’s department store, a dime store, several banks and a drug store.The site of Culver City, 1913 Movie and television production MGM Studios (now Sony Pictures Studios), Boss Plumbing has been serving the Culver City area since 1989 when the company was first established




Boss Plumbing in Burbank has grown through the years and continues to expand into larger communities throughout Los Angeles.  Hundreds of movies have been produced on the lots of Culver City’s studios: Sony Pictures Studios (originally MGM Studios), Culver Studios, and the former Hal Roach Studios. These include The Wizard of Oz, The Thin Man, Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, Rebecca, the Tarzan series, and the original King Kong. More recent films made in Culver City include Grease, Raging Bull, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, City Slickers, Air Force One, Wag the Dog, and Contact. Television shows made on Culver City sets have included Las Vegas, Gunsmoke, Cougar Town, Mad About You, Lassie, Hogan’s Heroes, Batman, The Green Hornet, Arrested Development, The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, Jeopardy!, The Nanny, and the syndicated version of Wheel of Fortune. The TV series The Green Hornet featured Bruce Lee as Kato, who also resided in Culver City during the Series’ production. Boss Plumbing has been growing the company and expanded to better serve neighboring areas of Culver City.




Boss Plumbing never closes its doors and offers service 24/7 throughout the Los Angeles area. John Travolta‘s “Stranded at the Drive-In” sequence in Grease was filmed at the Studio Drive-In on the corner of Jefferson and Sepulveda. It served as a set for many other films, including Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. The theatre was closed in 1993 and was demolished in 1998; it is now a housing subdivision featuring large homes on small lots, as well as being home to the Kayne-ERAS center, a school and community center for the disabled and mentally challenged. The Culver City Plumber, Boss Plumbing is located in Culver City. .  Boss Plumbing is also comprised of many locations throughout the Los Angeles area so that we can offer same day service to our customers.






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