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Choosing a Plumber in Santa Monica

Prior to commencing work, a plumber in Santa Monica should be able to give you a price upfront.  Most plumbers in Santa Monica use a flat rate pricing system, which is more beneficial to the customer, since customers are no longer charged for jobs that take longer to complete.  Regardless of how your plumber in Santa Monica charges, all prices should be give prior to work and should be provided on a written invoice.

Take into account that your plumber in Santa Monica has overhead and, accordingly, needs to take these expenses into account when determining the price to charge.  Overhead includes payroll, payroll taxes, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, auto insurance, office staff, truck expenses (gasoline and maintenance costs), and health insurance.  All of these costs affect the price that your plumber in Santa Monica will charge for service.

All material used by your plumber in Santa Monica should be of high quality,   All demolition should be kept to an absolute minimum.  Any mess should be properly cleaned up by your plumber.

Look for references when choosing your plumber in Santa Monica. References can come from family, friends, neighbors or business associates.  A real estate agent is also a good person to ask for a referral since they constantly work with contractors.  A well established plumber in Santa Monica will have many references and will have been in business for a number of years.  The Better Business Bureau is also helpful since they grade contractors with a letter grade based on customer satisfaction.  A great plumber in Santa Monica will have a A or A+ rating.

A plumber in Santa Monica with a friendly office staff shows that they run a professional business rather than a one man show operating from his home.  Your call should be answered by a live person (at least during regular business hours) and they should do their best to accommodate your schedule.  Plumbers in Santa Monica should show up on time, in clean uniforms and with a truck that has proper signage.  Most plumbers in Santa Monica should be radio dispatched to your home. 

These features can sometimes be more important than the price charged for service.  While plumbers in Santa Monica should be competitively priced, the way they conduct themselves and the type of business they run is equally important.



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